Jazz D’Arcy

Singer Songwriter


This website features Jazz D’Arcy’s original material including live performances at Cooly Rocks, the Sydney Festival, Hyde Park Sydney, the Qsong Awards at the Tivoli in Brisbane, the Riverside Theatre, gigs from the last couple of years, Film & TV soundtracks as well as her first EP and some studio recordings.

Jazz D’Arcy is a singer-songwriter who plays guitar and piano. Jazz has also written soundtracks for Film & TV including the award winning, ‘Just One’ and the complete soundtrack for the TV Drama, ‘No Brainer.’ Jazz has won two ACMF National songwriting Awards and a Qsong (Queensland Song) Award for her original work.


Jazz D’Arcy

Riverside Theatre 2009 -‘Late Again’

Cooly Rocks -’I put a Spell On You’

Qsong Awards 2009 - ‘Why’

Cooly Rocks   -  ‘Fever’ 2012

‘Stars that Shine’ 2011

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